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Thriving Women April Event

Join us for our living room chat with Sonja Keller owner of Tumbling Water Retreat,  specialising in weddings and corporate events, whilst providing luxury accommodation as well as featuring stunning ocean views, bespoke interior and hand-crafted furniture.  

Tumbling Water's is a boutique Couples Retreat designed for relaxation and romance where you can dine on the Edge overlooking the Ocean and savor a luxurious experience, perfect for your special occasion.  

Originally developed in the late 1930's by a gentleman named Henry Halloran, Tumbling Water's Retreat went through many stages from a Mecca for meditation (a favourite with hippies) to a healing centre, a top picnic spot and then simply a great destination to gaze out and contemplate the view.

Then as the nearby Grand Pacific Drive and new Sea Cliff Bridge started taking off in popularity, Sonja and her partner saw an opportunity to purchase the land and set about building a multi-million dollare sandstone retreat.

The original intention was to develop a gateway for stressed city professionals who wanted a quiet cross between a slick resort and a private beach house.  Tumbling Water's is now a veritable oasis tailor-made for stressed urbanites seeking a sea-change, whether it only be for the weekend or a corporate event designed to evoke an inner serenity that inspires renewal.

Tumbling Water's Retreat is also a wonderful wedding venue, together with a top chef and team of hand-picked professionals, Tumbling Water's creates a wonderful environment for people wishing to tie the know in a unique destination.

Like all business journey's, this one has not been without frustrations, with Sonja and her partner going head to head with the Wollongong Council and opposition from the local community right from the beginning to start the business and allow their operations to become economically viable. 

And, on a separate incident, they returned from a break away to find that they had been issued with a 1.1 million dollar fine from Wollongong Council for erecting a cubby house for their son without building consent.

A born entrepreneur, Sonja started her entrepreneurial journey at the tender year of 8 where she stared an aluminium can recycling business, utilising the neighbourhood children as labour.  

She registered as a nurse in 1986; worked simultaneous jobs in Accident and Emergency Sutherland Hospital and as a Qantas Flight attendant/Customer Service Manager for 20 years and renovated and leased investment properties which she stared purchasing from the age of 21.

It's clear from Sonja's journey that she is no stranger to business adversity and knows well how to overcome these to create amazing success for herself and her family.  Join us on the 5th April and be inspired by Sonja's entertaining stories of her business journey from childhood to current day, it’s an evening not to be missed!

***Purchase your ticket before the 26th March and save 5% off the original ticket price.***

2018 Calendar of Events

Event Date
Time & Location
Shellharbour Civic Centre

22nd February 2018

Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
5th April 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
17th May 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
28th June 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
9th August 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
20th September 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00
1st November 2018 Shellharbour Civic Centre 6.00 – 8.00

Event Information

What is Thriving Women?
Thriving Women is a business network aimed at providing a safe space for women in business (although men are very welcome) who wish to feel supported both in their business and personal life so they can share and grow without feeling judged or criticised.  It is a platform to teach and mentor participants with the primary focus being to ensure all participants feel supported and valued as they grow.

If you are interested in joining like-minded business women who want to:

  • Network to grow their business
  • Learn how to grow their business in an increasingly challenging business environment
  • Learn tips and strategies to grow themselves so they are well equipped to support their family whilst they build their business
  • Take a holistic approach to their life and their business
  • Feel safe and supported knowing they have a network of women who have got their back
  • Be educated and supported in a caring environment invested in them and their future
  • Gain local business knowledge and learn from the ‘Business Elders’ in our community
  • Engage their passion for supporting local business and local people
  • Gain confidence with their networking skills
  • Network in a fun engaging way that adds value to them and their business

Will there be food?
Definitely, our Caterer's provide our Thriving Ladies with a lovely grazing table full of yummy food and yes there are gluten free and vegetarian options available.

Will there be drink?
Of course, all Thriving Women participants recieve a free drink on arrival, drinks include a soft drink and a glass of  bubbles, white or red wine, but not hard liquor. 

What can I expect when I attend Thriving Women Event's? 
Thriving Women's motto is 'Grow your business, Grow yourself, Grow your community and have fun doing it!' Feedback from our Event's so far has been fantastic!  Participants routinely say what a great evening they have had.  They experienced quality networking, made great new connections and enjoyed listening and learning from both our local business ladies and Isha Knill. 

What are the seating arrangements?
There is no formal seating at our events you can sit where you like with whom you like.

Why are there different ticket prices?
Thriving Women Members receive a discount on all our event tickets.  Guests (non-members) must pay full price.  If you would like to know more about Thriving Women Membership including the benefits you receive by being a Member please email Isha Knill at

When and Where?
All our events are held at The Shellharbour Civic Centre from 6.00 - 8.00 p.m.

Event Start Time
So that we don't overrun we ask that all participants arrive at 5.45 for a sharp 6.00 p.m. start, thank you

Advertising and Promotional Material
A benefit of being a member of Thriving Women is that you can display your promotional material on a promotional table which is available at each event.  Please be advise that this is for Thriving Women Members and Sponsors only.

Ticket Refunds & Exchanges once booked
All tickets to Thriving Women events are non-refundable, however for Thriving Women monthly events you may transfer your ticket to another date.  If you wish to transfer your ticket you must contact Thriving Women at 48 hours before the event in question.  Please be advise that Thriving Women’s larger quarterly events tickets are non-refundable or transferrable.

Event Sponsorship
Thriving Women have some great Sponsorship options available for businesses who wish to contribute towards helping Thriving Women support our local community by providing quality networking events for our business community to take part in.  In return for their Sponsorship our Sponsors enjoy a great range of benefits.  If you wish to know more about our Sponsorship options, please contact Isha Knill via email on and we will get back to you shortly.  Thank you.