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Being in business can be a pretty lonely place, not to mention overwhelming!  There’s so much advice out there yet it’s hard to decide exactly what works for you and your business.

Don’t you wish you had someone to talk too or help you through the tough moments but it’s hard to find someone to turn to and you feel vulnerable being open about discussing your business frustrations with people you don’t really know.

Don’t worry you aren’t alone, many business people feel the same and go through the same frustrations.  You want to move ahead but you need help and you aren’t sure who to turn to.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone anymore.  If you’re after:


Then I welcome you to:

This is a 10-month mentoring program for female entrepreneurs, business owners and managers who are ready step up their personal and business development, hang out with like-minded women who get their frustrations and are invested in helping each other gain maximum benefit to move their business forward.

Become part of a group of like-minded Leaders that nurture and provide value to each other so you can deepen your knowledge in a supportive environment and:

ü Discuss challenges

ü Find inspiration

ü Share knowledge and experiences

ü Develop creative solutions

ü Build on knowledge

ü Benefit from laser coaching/mentoring to enhance growth

This is more than a group of people getting together to swop business stories.  It’s a group experience that will allow you to feel:

ü Fully supported

ü Surrounded by like-minded people invested in your success

ü Secure in the knowledge that you can build a successful business and celebrate the wins with people who get 'it' and want the best for you.

What Exactly do I get?

Monthly Hot Seat -  

On a rotational basis, you and your business step into the safe spotlight for professional development.

We'll focus on your 3 top business challenges to brainstorm with the group so you benefit group support and the all-important mindset work you need to move forward

Business Profile -  

On a rotational basis, you profile your business to the group so they can act as referral partners for you.

And that's not all, you get to share a business or personal strategy that has benefited your business growth to further enhance the groups skills and development.

Business & Personal Development -

Benefit from a range of topics to enhance your business and personal growth.

We'll focus on everything from business strategy/development to helping you understand what's getting in the way of your progress so you feel equipped to move ahead with confidence.

Is this Thriving Circle Experience for you?

ü  You are interested in growing yourself to grow your business

ü  You want to contribute and support like-minded participants who are prepared to dig deep, they’ve got  your back and you’ve got theirs

ü  You know you and your business could benefit from the minds of a small group of like-minded women who can bring different qualities and perspectives

ü  You want the mindset tools to help build your confidence

ü You care about the group achieving success and celebrating your wins together

ü You’re willing to be open, knowing you can’t go it alone and you have a team invested in helping you succeed

ü  You don’t like working in a group environment

ü  You’re not open to listening to the ideas and opinions of others

ü  You don’t believe your business needs further support

ü  You don’t believe your business progress is impacted by you and the way you think

ü  Your only focus and goal from the Thriving Circle is about making money

ü  You’re not open to learning about mindset techniques or don’t believe mindset will help you in business

ü  You don’t have the time to meet monthly and/or the time to invest in moving your business forward

ü  You aren’t prepared to operate under a cone of silence – what is discussed in the group stays in the group

Let's Recap:

Your Commitment:

Bring with you:

ü  An open mind

ü  The willingness to share knowledge

ü  The willingness to gain knowledge

ü  Ethical behaviour within and outside the program

ü  Cone of silence – what is discussed in the group stays in the group

ü  The willingness to be coached and be accountable to achieve your goals

Thriving Circle Snapshot:

  Includes 10 (ten) facilitated sessions over 10 months

ü  Sessions run for 2½ hours

ü  Runs on the core values of trust, openness, sharing and ethics

ü  Limited places – 10 business leaders only

ü  Participants must attend so the whole group benefits.  Participants who do not attend 3 months in a row lose their place at the Circle.

How much does it cost to take part in a Thriving Circle?

Thriving Circles Price includes:

ü  A monthly ticket to Thriving Women networking event

ü  10 monthly group sessions

ü  Payment plan set up on the commencement of Thriving Circle to be billed monthly regardless of attendance

$165.00/month (Includes GST)

What’s next?


If you think you would like to be part of a Thriving Circle,

the first step is to let us learn a little more about you so please reach out 

to Isha by clicking the Apply button and filling out the contact form 

so she can organise a time to connect.

Next, let's catch up and chat about your expectations to see if we're a good fit

 - it's important for you to feel that Isha's the right fit for you

 as much as you being a good fit for the group.

It's time to get started, can't wait!

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